Relationships matter.  

Keep the key people in your life with relevant location based reminders.

What is Keeple?

Keeple is an app to help remind you of the “Key People” in your life. As you get close to a location Keeple alerts you to the key people that you have met at that location.

Imagine you met Stephan the concierge at the Hotel La Reserve in Geneva, Switzerland; he helped you with dinner reservations the last time you stayed at the hotel. The next time you visit the Hotel La Reserve in Geneva you would like to be able to greet Stephan by his first name and thank him personally for the dinner reservation he made for you and your family.

Keeple exists to help remind you of a person’s name, and a few key details about an encounter with that person so you never miss an opportunity to network.

Keeple 101

01.  Add a Location

Open the Keeple app and select Add new location from the menu

02. Add a Keeple

Enter a name, title, photo and any detail.

03. Set Location

Set the location, save and you’re done.